Goddards arts and crafts house

Goddards arts and crafts house

Discover the lives of the Terry family and the beauty of a 1920s arts and crafts home on your visit to Goddards.

A family home

Noel Terry wanted to create a comfortable family home close to the chocolate works for Kathleen, his wife and his four children: Peter, Kenneth, Betty and Richard. This gorgeous hand crafted house was finished in 1927. Discover quotes and memories from the family threaded throughout the house on your visit.
" Unlike some people I don't aspire to fame, riches, rank and power. No, I aspire beyond that. I aspire to a home."
- Noel Terry

Tell us your stories...

At Goddards, we tell the story of the Terry family, the Terry’s factory and York's 1930s heyday. Have you got your own chapter of memories to add? Goddards, and the Terry factory, meant many things to many people.
Stop by and tell us your story using our vintage typewriter.

The Drawing Room

One of the most eye catching rooms in the house has to be the drawing room. Enjoy the views over the garden, sup sherry by the fireplace or marvel at the gorgeous ceiling and chandelier.

A 1930s Childhood

Enter the world of a 1930s child by finding out more about the lives of the Terry family children and how they lived and played at Goddards. Explore what it was like to grow up before the days of television and video games and how Peter and Kenneth used to play cricket in the corridors!

The Art of Design

Enjoy this 1920s arts and crafts home with wonderfully hand carved stairs and detailing from window latches to brickwork. There is also a fantastic selection of William Morris style wallpaper in the house and many decorative features to see both externally and internally.
  • Marvel at beautiful details and designs
  • Create your own designs by borrowing our sketch pads and pencils to have a go at sketching
  • Leaf through some of the architect's letters to Noel Terry
Pick up an Art of Design leaflet on your visit, or download it below.