A window into Greyfriars

Stained glass window depicting a bird at Greyfriars

The house was saved in the mid-20th century by siblings Elsie and Matley Moore. All of the windows were put in during the 1940’s by Elsie and Matley, who created them using recycled glass and often went about their restoration of the house in a rather unconventional way.

Salvaged glass

One local man was sent on errands by the Moores to collect glass from bomb damaged buildings during the Second World War.
The distinctive birds painted on the diamond panes of the gallery windows might look old, but they were actually designed by a friend of Elsie and Matley in the 1930s.

Our repairs

We're working to restore our windows to protect them from further damage. This will involve:

  • replacing the 'tie-bars' on the windows, which will prevent the lead from deforming and cracking the glass.
  • repairing gaps between the windows and their wooden casements - which will help us keep the weather out and the warmth in.
  • applying UV filters to the windows which will protect the interior of the house and the lovely textiles from light damage.

Help our work

To complete this work, we need to raise £12,000. Please help us if you can, even a small donation will make all the difference to us.
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