Explore Greyfriars' garden

Garden at Greyfriars House and Garden

The garden here at Greyfriars sees visitors all year and offers a peaceful oasis where you can escape from the busy streets in Worcester City Centre. There’s always something new to see and our garden is the perfect place to experience the changing of the seasons.

The peaceful walled garden pays homage to what stood before it, George’s Yard, a row of 10 blindback houses, demolished in 1955, which were recycled to create its many features.

The autumn months offer visitors the chance to see the dramatic seasonal colour changes in the city. The trees and shrubs slowly become deep yellows, oranges and reds. Our robinia tree seems to glow gold whatever the weather, and we harvest the fruits of our labour with an abundance of quince, pear and figs.

Snowdrops in the garden at Greyfriars
Snowdrops at Greyfriars
Snowdrops in the garden at Greyfriars

As it gets colder, so the garden changes for winter. Visitors can retreat inside to the cosiness of the Old Oak Cafe and enjoy the festive atmosphere inside the house, always decorated in December for Christmas.

Take a deep breath and relax in this peaceful outdoor space. Have a wander, play a garden game, or complete one of your '50 things'.