George's Yard

George's Yard with Greyfriars in background

Did you know... the walled garden at Greyfriars was once home to the families of George's Yard?

Who was George?

The George family lived in the north wing of Greyfriars' house in 1724 and eventually took over the entire house in the 1740s. It was between 1828 and 1830 when Mr Daniel George developed his affordable, working-class houses at the back of Greyfriars. The 10 houses were three-storeys high, blindbacked and with one room occupying each floor.

The people of George's Yard  

Most of the residents held jobs as factory workers, cleaners, greengrocers and shopkeepers, some washed clothes for middle-class families and made gloves. As a community, they shared childcare responsibilities, created bonfires for Guy Fawkes' Night, celebrated Christmas and welcomed the New Year. The houses were demolished in 1955 and the last residents were rehoused. The materials from George's Yard were up-cycled to create the many features still seen in the garden today.

George's Yard
Georges yard in Greyfriars garden
George's Yard