Picnic at Greyfriars

Enjoy a picnic on the lawn

The walled garden at Greyfriars is bursting with colour at this time of year and reminds us what each season has to offer, even when we're in the heart of a busy city.

Whether you’re spending the day with close friends and family, or fitting in some of that much needed time for yourself, this inner-city garden is an ideal spot for a picnic. We welcome you to roll out your blankets, set down your baskets and make the most of the sunshine.

Soak up the sunshine in this inner-city garden
Garden at Greyfriars
Soak up the sunshine in this inner-city garden

'50 things to do before you’re 11¾'

You can play garden games on the lawn - croquet and giant dominoes - search for our hidden geocache, and even have a go at some of your fun '50 things' challenges. Why not:

31. Make friends with a bug

There are lots of bugs living in our garden. You'll find them in a variety of places, from the flowerbeds to the shaded spots under the garden bench. Just remember to return your new friend to where you found them.

33. Go cloud watching

Get comfortable on the lawn and watch the clouds as they float through the sky and create all sorts of wonderful shapes.