Join the Hadrian’s Wall and Tyne Valley Group team

Two volunteers cutting rhodedendron at Hadrians Wall & Tyne Valley

Want to learn more about the Hadrians Wall and Tyne Valley Group? Or are you looking to make new friends. Maybe you want to spend more time doing a hobby you enjoy. By joining our volunteer team you can do all of these and more, so why not get in touch?

Thought about volunteering at a UNESCO site..?

Join our team as front of house

Here at Housesteads Visitor Centre there's a wide range of people from all over the world visiting this fab UNESCO site. We like to say hello, welcome them in, make sure they have a jolly good time and leave with a smile on their face.

Join our team behind-the-scenes

If you were a born organiser, you can help staff and other volunteers to keep things moving by arranging stock, doing a tidy up for the next visitor or even watering the plants.This can involve a little face-to-face interaction and of course, having fun.

Know a jpeg from a PDF?

Quite a lot of work happens with the help of a computer in order to make everything as enjoyable as possible for our visitors. Updating the website, uploading events or putting IT skills to the test in other ways such as recording visitor comments; if there's a place for Excel in your heart maybe these challenges appeal to you?

Conservation is essential here

A general day conserving an estate, like Hadrian's Wall, can include anything from clearing a section of the Wall to repairing - or creating - a footpath or even preparing geocaches. There really are no specifics, but if you love being outdoors and making a difference, then this is for you.

Enjoy making a difference?

We love bats and even have a project called BatLife which needs volunteers. Through the project you can learn new skills, help us to conduct bat surveys, run workshops and more to highlight these mammals to the local community.

How much time?

Our volunteers are a diverse group of different ages and situations. Some give time regularly; others are involved on and off, some for work experience. The frequency with which you volunteer is entirely up to you.

Learn new skills

We support volunteers who may be looking to develop experience in a certain field and can often help when training opportunities within the Trust become available; we give training for essential volunteer tasks.

What’s in it for you?

We organise meetings and social events for volunteers three or four times a year to allow our volunteers to get to know each other better, for giving training, for listening to a guest speaker or just to say thank you.

Want to join in?

If this sounds like it's the thing for you, please ask for more information by getting in touch with Heather Cook, our Volunteer Manager on 01434 321888. She will meet you for a chat to see exactly what you're after.

Have a skill?

If you have a special skill but it's not mentioned above suggest it to us! We're always looking for ideas and ways to improve so please get in touch and we'll go from there.
Tell us about it

Need more?

We understand that volunteering isn't for everyone. If you're looking for something more permanent it's worth checking the National Trust Jobs website for any advertised vacancies.
Search for a job

Help us to improve

If you have visited Hadrian's Wall recently, perhaps wondering what it might be like to volunteer here, then why not let us know how we did? How can we make it better?
Can we improve?

Volunteering at Hadrian's Wall

There's a wide variety of volunteer roles at Hadrian’s Wall Country Group and ways to be involved, such as archaeology, wildlife, practical conservation, welcoming visitors, retail, events and much more.
If you would like to join our team of volunteers please get in touch by phone on 01434 321888 or e-mail.