Our work at Hadrian’s Wall and Tyne Valley Group

James stoking the charcoal burner

Here at Hadrian's Wall and the Tyne Valley Group, we’re a small team with big hearts. Overall the National Trust cares for over 4,500 acres along the Tyne Valley, including maintaining six miles of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hadrian’s Wall as well as the 41 hectare woodland at Allen Banks and Staward Gorge.

What do we do?

We love the countryside and history that we care for at Hadrian’s Wall and Housesteads Roman Fort, Allen Banks and Staward Gorge, Bellister Estate, Cherryburn and George Stephenson’s Birthplace – all in Northumberland.
Although, we couldn’t do it alone… we (just) manage to do this with the help of wonderful National Trust volunteers, who help to conduct regular surveys to help monitor the wildlife, develop exciting projects and restore essential parts of the sites. There's a lot to be done and they provide an invaluable amount of help, as well as being a jolly good bunch to enjoy a quick cuppa with.

Alongside all of that we also develop conservation projects such as:



In 2013 we launched BatLife, a three-year project to help conserve and find out more about bats living along Hadrian’s Wall Path. Funded by Heritage Lottery Fund, it aims to highlight the bats that live here.

Temple of Mars

Along with our wonderful volunteers we recently cleared the area around The Temple of Mars Thincsus at Housesteads, originally discovered by John Clayton when he was in his early 90’s.


If you're walking by and see us out and about (do come and chat to us) we might be carrying out SMR (Sites and Monuments Records) work with volunteers, which involves monitoring certain areas and recording it.

And we wouldn’t get very far without wonderful relationships with some excellent partners:


Pinpoint Adventure/Ian Hopper

We've been working with father and son team Ian and Tom Hopper for a number of years now.
They are fantastic and help to deliver adventure activities such as Snowshoeing, Climbing at Crag Lough, Underground Adventure at Nenthead and Sleeping under the stars weekend at Allen Banks.

Northumberland National Park

We work closely with Northumberland National Park, which covers an area of 1,049km, or 405square miles. The area includes walking paths, listed buildings, National Nature Reserves, Special Ancient Monuments and more.

English Heritage

In terms of partnership Housesteads Roman Fort is a little different. We're a blended site, so although the National Trust owns Housesteads Fort, English Heritage manage it and we work closely with them to ensure that the history of this special place is protected and that any visitor has a great time!