Could England's 'Tree of the Year' be Europe's too?

a Sycamore tree nestled in Hadrian's Wall

Sycamore Gap was recently announced as England's ‘Tree of the Year’ in conservation charity the Woodland Trust’s annual contest. Now, it's been put forward to be Europe's too.

The beloved Sycamore Gap tree recently won The Woodland Trust's competition after receiving 21% of nearly 12,000 votes cast by the public, and it needs your support again.

The Woodland Trust is now calling on tree lovers throughout the UK to improve the appalling record in the European Tree of the Year contest, as this year’s four entries take their place alongside 12 other trees from across the continent.

The four UK entries as voted for by the public, thanks to support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery, are the Sycamore Gap tree for England, Brimmon Oak in Wales, Ding Dong tree in Scotland and Holm Oak in Northern Ireland. 

 Also known as the ‘Robin Hood’ tree following its appearance in the famous film in the 90s, it is situated within the six miles of Hadrian's Wall UNESCO World Heritage site cared for by the National Trust.

Nestled within one of the familiar gaps along Hadrian’s Wall within the Whin Sill, Sycamore Gap is special for many reasons and one that seems to entice photographers from near and far, is its picturesque surroundings. 

The gaps themselves are essentially channels, naturally worn away by vast amounts of meltwater flowing from the ice sheets that once covered the area.

Adding to that the fact that it lies within Northumberland National Park and within Northumberland International Dark Sky Park, England’s first and Europe’s largest International Dark Sky Park, we think we're onto a, well... winner! It's perfect for a spot of star gazing. 

Vote for Sycamore Gap to be the European Tree of the Year before February 28.