Cawfields to Bellister loop

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A figure of eight route initially following the World Heritage Roman Wall Path before crossing the Military road to drop down to Haltwhistle with wonderful views of the Tyne valley.

After the option of refreshments at Haltwhistle you pick up the Tyne valley trail before looping round through Park village to pick up permissive paths through Bellister estate with views down to the Tyne and Bellister castle. Coming back to Haltwhistle you return to Cawfields via Haltwhistle burn with its lovely array of flora and interesting mine workings.

A group walking along Hadrian's Wall


Meadow at A la Ronde


Cawfields car park, grid ref: NY714666


Leave Cawfields turning right onto Roman Wall Path passing quarry on the right. Continue on this path for 1 mile (1.6km) passing Milecastle 42 and Turret 41A.


At Caw Gap turn right down the road for 50yd (45m) then turn left over the stile marked 'peel Cottage 2'. Take the path immediately to the right of the mound ahead (marked 'Military Road ½') crossing the bridge over the Roman Vallum. Aim for the left-hand corner of the wall ahead then follow the wall/fence until you reach the Military road.


Cross over the Military road and continue along the road straight ahead marked 'Melkridge 2' for 0.3 mile (500m) until you come to Hallpeat Moss Farm.


Just past the farm cross over the stile to the right marked 'Haltwhistle 1 ¾'. Cross the field to bottom left-hand corner (0.2 miles/300m). Cross over the stile and follow the wall off to the left for 50yd (45m) and cross over another stile to your left. Follow path straight ahead and then off to the right up and around the hill ahead for 0.3 miles (500m).


Go through the gate at the top of the hill. Follow the path ahead for 100yd (90m). At the crest of the hill (great views of Haltwhistle here) ignore the path ahead and instead follow the wall down to the right for 0.2 mile (320m) then cut left across the field aiming just to the right of the electric pylon ahead. 100yd (90m) past the pylon cross over the stile ahead.


After crossing the stile turn right for 200yd (180m) passing a derelict house on the left. Cross over stile ahead and follow the bridleway down to the left for 200yd (180m). Go through the gate ahead and turn right at the sheep pens. After 50yd (45m) turn left over the stile and follow path off to the right for 200yd (180m) then cross over stile ahead. Keep left over style going round the hill ahead with the burn to the left. After 100yd (90m) turn right along the wall . After 50yd (45m) turn left through step through in wall. Cut across field to the right for 50yd (45m) and go through gate. Aim for the bottom-left-hand corner of the field ahead which in places is a steep descent (in line with row of terrace houses). At the corner of the field go through a gate then follow the steps down between two walls. Turn left down Shepherd Terrace.


After 100yd (90m) turn right at junction crossing Haltwhistle burn. Continue on this main road into Haltwhistle town centre, initially uphill then down passing the Grey Bull B&B on the right for 0.3 miles (480m). Turn left down Lentys Lonnen next to Haltwhistle working mens' club. Continue down road for 300yd (280m). Turn right at the junction at the bottom passing the Gulf Garage to the left. Continue on the right of the road for 400yd (360m) then turn left under the railway bridge just past the 30MPH road signs.


Turn left past the railway bridge then immediately left through a wooden gate to join the path alongside the railway line. Continue along this path for 0.3 miles (480m) until you come to Alston Arches Viaduct crossing the South Tyne. Continue on until you come to the busy A69. Cross with care then turn left at the road ahead marked 'Whitfield 5'. Continue on uphill for 100yd (90m).


Turn right onto the Tyne valley trail (yellow posts indicate). Continue for 0.8 mile (1.3km) passing industrial warehouses and wetland area on the left. Just past the wetland area and just before the next railway bridge take the gate off to the right up the bridleway to Broomhouse Farm. Continue up right into the farm. At the farm turn left and then go off to the right signposted 'Lynn Shield 1.25 miles'. Continue along bridleway for 300yd (270m) then turn left over railway bridge and immediate right over stile. Continue on for 100yd (90m) and cross over the stile ahead.


Once over the stile head off to the left of the field keeping to the treeline on the left until you come to a small bridge crossing a burn (300yd (270m)). Continue straight ahead up the side of the hill passing through some oak trees and follow the path up for 200yd (180m) to gate ahead. Continue ahead across the field slightly to your left for 400yd (360m) and cross over the stile into the next field. Continue ahead for 300yd (270m) following the line of the ditch. Continue through gate ahead for another 300yd (270m) going downhill to the bottom of the field. Continue ahead for another 150yd (137m) until you reach bridleway going across. Turn right here and continue down bridleway for 400yd (360m) until you reach the road.


Continue along the road for 0.4 mile (640m) passing through Park Village until you reach turnoff to your left marked 'Kellah 2¼'.


Turn left down this road for 0.2 mile (320m). Just before the campsite you will see on your right a sign for Bellister estate. Go through the gate here and continue on through North Wood for 0.6 mile (9.6km) ignoring steps down the hill to the left and staying high up on the ridge at all times. Once in open field go downhill to the left until you reach electricity pole. Go right here through gate and back into wood for 0.4 mile (640m) (good views to South Tyne here) until you see a sign for 'park Village 1'. Go downhill here ignoring path to road on the right.


After 100yd (90m) you will see a footpath sign 'Bellister Haugh 1'. Turn right here and cross the road, continue into the wood ahead using the National Trust Path indicated for 0.4 mile (640m). Cross over stile into field and follow wood along to the left.


After 150yd (135m) cross the stile back into the wood and follow the public footpath down through the wood and over another stile. Go straight across the field ahead and cross another stile, then follow the path along hedge line for another 50yd (45m). Carefully cross back over the A69. Continue over the stile ahead into a field and continue ahead for another 300yd (270m). Cross over another stile to reach Bellister Road.


Turn right along Bellister Road for 0.3 mile (480m). Turn left over the footbridge to cross the South Tyne, then under the railway bridge to the road.


Turn left up the black tarmac road just before the bridge and follow for 200yd (180m) until you come to a car park keeping the burn to your right. Continue on the left at the car park along a partially surfaced driveway for 100yd (90m) (ignore bridge off to the right). Turn right at the houses ahead signposted 'Willia ¼'. At the end of the road continue along the path ahead keeping the burn to your right at all times, ignoring all other paths off to the left or right for 0.2 mile (400m). At this point you will reach a road. Continue on right here passing the old brick factory, again keeping the burn to the right at all times for 0.4 mile (640m). At Broomshaw Hill Farm go off right here to continue to follow the burn up signposted 'Haltwhistle Burn Footpath', again keeping the burn to the right at all times for 0.5 mile (800m). The path then crosses over the burn to the right for the first time. Continue up along the path for 0.4 mile (640m) to Military road, passing mine working on both left and right.


Turn right along Military road for 150yd (135m). Cross over at sign 'Cawfields ½'. Continue along path to the right of the burn for 0.6 mile (960m) to take you back to Cawfields car park.


Cawfields car park, grid ref: NY714666

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Cawfields to Bellister loop


An undulating route following well-defined paths and bridleways, with some steep accents and descents - particularly on the initial section on the Roman Wall Path.

Cawfields to Bellister loop

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Cawfields to Bellister loop

How to get here

Cawfields, Haltwhistle, Northumberland, NE49 9JP
By train

Haltwhistle, 2 miles (3.2km). Connections to AD122 bus to Milecastle Inn (½ mile (800m) from start).

By road

North of the river Tyne, 2 miles (3.2km) north of Haltwhistle onto the B6318 turning off at Milecastle Inn following road up for ½ mile (800m) to car park.

By foot

Footpaths to Cawfields from all directions, including the Roman Wall national heritage route.

By bus

AD122 bus route (summer timetable only) getting off at Milecastle Inn (½ mile (800m) from start).

Cawfields to Bellister loop

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  • Car park (charges apply)