Steel Rigg walk

Walking trail

A circular walk heading out alongside this UNESCO World Heritage Site, venturing out north of the wall to loop round through areas of wetland that are home for birds and plantlife.

Enjoy the views and fresh air at Hadrian's Wall

Following the Pennine Way back towards the Wall you then return back along a well defined path running parallel to the wall with fantastic views of Highshield Crags and Sycamore Gap.

A group walking alongside Hadrian's Wall


A group walking along Hadrian's Wall


Steel Rigg car park, grid ref: NY749676


Leave Steel Rigg car park at main entrance and turn left onto road.


After 100yd (90m) turn right through a gate onto the main Roman wall path signposted 'Caw Gap 1¾'. Continue uphill for 0.5 mile (800m) going over one stile and through one gate to a trig point. From here you have amazing views of the Pennines and the Borders.

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A view over Housesteads Fort at Hadrians Wall


Continue on the main Roman wall path for 0.7 mile (1.1km) passing through a gate.


Just before the next gate turn right over a wall via a stone stile marked 'access land'. Cross the field off to the right heading towards the large wood. As you cross the field you will see a large upright stone at the bottom of a run-down wall. Head to this, keeping wood to the left. Once there continue ahead for 0.2 mile (320m) through marshy area then slightly uphill to the wall ahead. Cross over the stile then cross the field ahead slightly to the left for 0.2 mile (320m). Cross the fence and ditch ahead via two stiles and a bridge. Continue left downhill for 0.1 mile (160m) until you reach the road at Well House Farmhouse.


Turn left and continue along the road for 0.2 mile (320m).


Turn right along a bridleway signposted 'Longsyke Farm' for 0.3 mile (480m). Just before the farm path diverts around to the left, to the rear of the farm through three different gates. Once in the farmyard to the rear you will see a stile heading uphill. Cross over this. Continue uphill for 0.2 mile (320m) and cross another stile, then pick up the line of telegraph poles leading uphill. Follow these poles, passing over another stile for 0.3 mile (480m) until you reach just to the right of Wealside Farm.


Turn right at the last telegraph pole marked 'Greenlea 2½'. Keep to the left of the bushes ahead. Once past them you will see a stile ahead. Cross over this and continue on for ½ mile (800m) keeping the wall to the right at all times. Cross over the next stile then continue on ahead initially between two walls. At the end of the wall continue ahead as signposted, keeping the fence just to the left. After 200yd (180m), you will come to the corner of the fence where a marker directs you to go off to the right across the field. After ½ mile (800m) you will come to a stile crossing wall ahead. Once over the stile follow a rough bridleway ahead for 600yd (540m) going through two gates until you reach the bridleway behind Gibbs Hill Farm.


Turn left along a bridleway marked 'east stonefolds 2½'. Continue on this bridleway gradually up all the way to Greenlee Farm for 1.4 miles (2.3km) passing through four gates on the way.


Just before the farm bridleway splits, take the bridleway to the right marked 'permissive path'. Go through the gate. Follow the bridleway around in front of farm and then downhill towards the lough for ½ mile (800m). Continue through a gate at bottom of field for another 200yd (180m) until you reach a footpath sign at the wall ahead.


At this point cut off right across the grass to pick up Pennine Way Path (White Acorn Sign). Go right over the stile and down to bottom of the hill following guide posts, then pass over a footbridge and stile. The path then goes off to the right. Follow the guideposts, passing over stepping stones. The path then goes sharply uphill to the left (0.6 mile (960m) in total).


Cross over the bridleway at the top. Continue straight across on Pennine Way Path for 0.7 mile (1.1km) going over three ridges and one stile until you come to a gate going off to the right.


Cross over the stile next to the gate and continue straight ahead gently uphill to the Lime Kilns (ignoring the path off to the left heading towards Roman wall). Continue on past the Kilns keeping the wood ahead just to your left. Continue on past the wood for a further ¼ mile (400m) until you come to a bridleway. Follow the bridleway off to the left for ¼ mile (400m) as indicated by marker post until you come to a gate.


Turn right here over a stile (ignore the path straight ahead). Continue down through the field for 0.3 mile (480m) crossing over one stile. Crossing here you have great views of Crag Lough. At the next stile the path goes steadily upwards for 0.6 miles (960m) passing two sets of farm buildings to the right and then crossing over another stile. From here you can see Sycamore Gap to the left.

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a Sycamore tree nestled in Hadrian's Wall


Continue on the bridleway ahead with the wood on your right, initially going downhill then up for 0.6 mile (960m) until you come to a road.


Turn left at the road and continue up for 0.1 mile (160m) until you come back to Steele Rigg car park.


Steel Rigg car park, grid ref: NY749676

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Steel Rigg walk


The route follows well-defined paths and bridleways with one small road section.The route is undulating with one or two steep accents and descents (particularly on the initial section on the Roman wall path).

The section along the Pennine Way goes through areas of wetland and can at certain times be wet underfoot.

Steel Rigg walk

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Steel Rigg walk

How to get here

Pennine Way, Hexham, Northumberland, NE47 7AW
By train

Haltwhistle, 4 miles (6.5km). Connections to AD122 bus to Twice Brewed (½ mile (800m) from start)

By road

North of the river Tyne, 4 miles (6.5km) north of Haltwhistle onto the B6318 turning off at Once brewed following road up for ½ mile (800m) to car park.

By foot

Footpaths to Steel Rigg car park from all directions, including the Roman wall national heritage route.

By bus

AD122 bus route getting off at Twice Brewed (½ mile (800m) from start).

By bicycle

National Cycle Network Route 68.

Steel Rigg walk

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  • Car park (charges apply)