Tai Chi in the Walled Garden

Xianglin Lee is a Tai Chi practitioner and tutor with over 30 years' experience, who runs weekly classes in the walled garden during the summer months. We asked him more about this ancient and fascinating martial art.

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a style of Chinese martial arts, which follows the Ying Yang balance philosophy to create a sequence of dynamic movements that utilise body and mind. It also combines Chinese medicine theory and breathing techniques to help participants keep head and body upright, while the body is also relaxed, and the mind concentrated. The moves are performed continuously to specially composed music, with both slow and fast, gentle and robust motions, all working in harmony.

" "In the walled garden... we can melt ourselves into the natural world, and receive great energy from the universe""
- Xianglin Lee

What are the benefits?

Tai Chi is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness, as the movements are whole body exercises which can be performed slowly and gently, or faster and more powerfully. The many health benefits include improved digestion, respiration, circulation, coordination and balance. Stress is reduced, and confidence increased. Some people say Tai Chi is good for everything!

" The fragrance in the air, the tranquility and the beautiful lawn are all perfect for Tai Chi"
- Class member

What's special about holding classes outdoors?

Outdoor classes are wonderful, especially in the walled garden. Here we can breathe fresh air, listen to the birds and the bees, and smell the fragrance of the flowers. We can melt ourselves into the natural world, and receive great energy from the universe.

Tai Chi classes run every Thursday, weather permitting, from June 7 to September 27, 2 - 3 pm. No need to book. Members £5, non-members £8.00. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.