The Ponds at Hare Hill

A damsel fly resting on a blade of common read

A number of ponds can be found dotted around the Hare Hill garden, woodlands and tenanted farmland and they are well worth exploring on your visit.

Cheshire has the densest pond landscape in lowland Britain and these wetland areas are a significant addition to our biodiversity.

Many species of amphibians and invertebrates such as newts, frogs, water boatman and pond skaters live in these increasingly endangered habitats and their conservation is of prime importance.

Above the surface, if you look carefully, as well as the Mallards and Mandarin ducks, you may spot dragonflies, damselflies and on occasions a heron might be seeing perched quietly surveying the activity below.

In June and July of 2018, we used horse power to help dredge the lower ponds - this will greatly enhance the wooded garden and improve and restore the wildlife environment. Replanting work has taking place around the ponds to further encourage wildlife and to reflect the way it would have looked during the time of Hare Hill's final owner Colonel Brocklehurst.  This replanting work will continue over time until this area is restored.