Kate Foster

Volunteer, Hare Hill

Kate Foster - Volunteer

Garden volunteer Kate talks about her role at Hare Hill

Hare Hill volunteerr

I'd cut down my hours at work, and found I had some free time, so decided to fulfil a dream of doing volunteer work in the outdoors. My son volunteers at Alderley Edge as a ranger, and he’s always been very enthusiastic about it – so as Hare Hill is not far for me, I thought I’d ask about working in the garden. I’ve been there for a year now, and it’s extremely enjoyable. I’ve learnt a lot about gardening too -  I actually like weeding!  It’s lovely to see such a beautiful place change through the seasons, week by week – and to be part of the team that’s keeping it looking its best.

" You kind of fall in love with a place when you volunteer there, and that's a very positive thing for me"
- Kate Foster

Sometimes we have mornings or afternoons in the greenhouse;  I like sowing seeds and growing plants on. It’s good to do a task, finish it, then look back and see a real difference. I enjoy everything about working at Hare Hill – I’m not so good at digging and heavy work, but I don’t like to be inactive and I'll have a go at anything that needs doing.

I also volunteer at Lyme Park once a week – patrolling the park or helping in the gardens. It's a much larger place and I enjoy it in a different way; Hare Hill is more intimate. I find volunteering makes you very loyal to a property – you kind of fall in love with a place when you volunteer there, and that’s a very positive thing for me. I really enjoy the company too!