Experience autumn in the Surrey Hills - a season for all the senses

Engage all your senses this autumn to enjoy its full glory. The glorious ambers, reds and golds of trees present a magnificent kaleidoscope of colour. Sniff the air and savour the aroma of wood smoke, damp pasture and the earthy mouldiness of leaf litter.

The season's bounty produces wonderful tangy foods from fruits, nuts and berries. Think apples, hazelnuts and blackberries. Experience the textures of woolly scarves, prickly conker cases and crinkly leaves. Listen to the unique peacefulness of autumn - a quiet tranquillity as nature relaxes after the efforts of summer. An evening sunset, owls calling, the cry of migrating geese.

It's time to get out and drink in the fullness of autumn across the Surrey Hills.

We've highlighted some of our favourite autumnal delights. Many of the them can be found across all of our special places in the Surrey Hills. Wherever you go for a walk, keep your eyes peeled and see what you can find.   

Foraging fruits of the forest

Fascinating fungi

Magnificent trees