Autumn walks across the Surrey Hills

Autumn is a fabulous season to lift your spirits. Glorious tree colour, falling leaves, the soft light and that lovely musty smell will engage all your senses. Explore the Surrey Hills this autumn with one of our self-guided trails.

Autumn colour on Headley Heath Surrey
Walking trail

Stretch your legs on Headley Heath  

With its rare mix of woodland, chalk downland and heathland, Headley Heath offers a full sensory experience. Look at the views, smell the damp leaf-litter, feel a breeze on your face, listen to the birds in the trees and taste the sharp sweetness of a blackberry from the bush.

Beech trees in the autumn

Box Hill has walks for every occassion  

Whether you're out for a quick stroll, a full day's hike or just want to come for the view; Box Hill has something for everyone. Autumn is the perfect time for walking and exploring. Visit our Shepherd's Hut and pick up one of our many trail leaflets and set off to see the changing season and the wonderful autumn colours around Box Hill.

Autumn on Limpsfield Common Surrey
Walking trail

Enjoy the sights and sounds of autumn on Limpsfield Common 

A perfect walk for the young ones, this short walk takes you around the beech trees of Ridlands Grove with their glorious autumn colour and a chance to visit the homes of the woodland animals.

A family enjoying 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4

The Leith Hill 50 Things Trail

Get up close to nature with our exciting new trail around Leith Hill. There are a lot of the 50 things to do, and the trail is in two parts - an easy bit and a more challenging section. Enjoy the challenge!

Children enjoying the autumn colour
Walking trail

Autumnal delight at Gatton Park 

As summer evenings shorten the trees at Gatton Park turn on their autumnal lights. Feast your eyes on the glorious tints of golds, reds and mahogany lighting up the park and surrounding woodland.

Abinger trees
Walking trail

Immerse yourself in the magic of autumn at Abinger Roughs 

Abinger Roughs is the perfect place to experience the magic of autumn. The magnificent beech trees are turning to a glorious mix of amber and gold and fascinating fungi can be found in the leaf litter on the woodland floor.