Headley Heath to White Hill walking trail

Walking trail

There are some magnificent views of the Surrey Hills to be enjoyed on this walk as well as a nice country pub to stop off at en-route.

Look out for

Livestock may be in some fields so please be vigilant and keep dogs on a lead when livestock and horses are present.


Headley Heath to White Hill walking trail map


Headley Heath main car park, KT18 6NN


Start at Headley Heath main car park (marked 1 on the map) by the second gate from the left. Continue along the path directly in front of you, down the slope and walk between the two ponds - the larger on your left is Bellamoss and to your right, Brown pond. Look out for the church spire on the horizon. This is St Barnabas on Ranmore Common, about 6 kilometres away. As you reach the wood beyond the ponds swing right and continue until you reach the top of a steep slope. Look to the left and you'll see the extent of Headley Heath. Continue down the slope and at the bottom go past the steps which lead to the right, the Box Hill Hike sign also is to the right. This area is known as the Pyramids. Its current form dates back to the time when the Canadian Army used the heath to practice manoeuvres during the Second World War.

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Headley Heath - area known as the 'pyramids'


The lowest part of the path is marked at point 2 on the map. Take the narrow bridle path off to the right - this section of the walk is very steep and rocky. Just after you get to the top, take the path which goes to the right. This path drops slowly and passes through some woods before a view opens on your left. The track along this section leads to Headley Lane and Cockshot Cottage which is on your left.


To reach point 3 on the map, cross Headley Lane and walk along the back of the car park and continue along this path with fields on your left and woods on your right. After about 200 metres, take the right fork up the hill (marked 3 on the map) through the woods.

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View on Headley Heath


When you emerge at the top of the hill (marked 4 on the map), turn right and follow the wide track running north east through the woods. The open space on your left is called Mickleham Gallops.

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Horse riding on Mickleham Gallops


To reach point number 5, keep on the same track for about 800 metres until you arrive at the Nower Wood car park (marked 5 on the map), where you turn right along the horse margin running alongside the road for about 200 metres. On this section of the walk, there is a good view to the right of the back of Box Hill. At the end of the horse margin, turn left across the road and follow the track that goes through the woods then swings right as the woods end. Just past the cottages on your right, you join a road where you turn right and follow it for 200 metres then, just after the Tractor Shed (on your right), and immediately after the stables on your left, turn left onto a narrow footpath. This path leads uphill between the stables and a riding school and after about 300 metres it splits - take the right hand fork through the gate. After a further 200 metres you reach a road with the church almost opposite you. A pub, The Cock Inn, is across the road and to the right and is both dog and child friendly.


At point 6 (The Cock Inn), walk up the short lane to the side of the pub, towards the church. Take the footpath through the churchyard and turn right as you come out into fields at the rear. Carry on straight along the lane, walk through the first field, cross the lane, walk through three further fields (passing The Old Rectory) until the track reaches a T-junction. At this point turn right past a pretty cottage and then you reach the road. On this section of the walk, to your left, you'll see a very fine stand of fir trees. Also, you'll notice the Old Manor House - a splendid building. On reaching the road, turn left and take the right fork which is a small path between the road and the main track. This path leads towards the Headley Cricket Club - follow this path, walk behind the club house and then swing right and you'll see the end point of your walk - Headley Heath car park which is on the other side of the road.


Headley Heath main car park, KT18 6NN

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Headley Heath to White Hill walking trail

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Headley Heath to White Hill walking trail

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Headley Heath main car park, KT18 6NN
By train

By train Box Hill and Westhumble stations, 3 miles

By road

By road Exit M25 at J9 (Leatherhead) and take A24 south (Leatherhead by-pass road) towards Dorking. Then take B2033 (Headley Common Road) to Headley village.

Headley Heath to White Hill walking trail

Facilities and access

  • Toilets and refreshments at The Cock Pub (not NT)