Houses & buildings

We look after over 300 historic buildings, from the grand and imposing to the small and quirky. Explore our places from afar and discover some of the stories behind our houses and the inhabitants who called them home.

A winter's morning view down to Bateman's from the orchard

Visiting this winter 

In England and Northern Ireland, our gardens, parks and countryside sites remain open for local people to exercise. Shops, houses and other indoor areas are closed, and cafés are takeaway only. The safety of our staff, volunteers and visitors from the nearby community remains our priority and we urge you to book your visits in advance and stay local. All places in Wales are currently closed. Please check the property webpage before you travel.

Virtual tours of our houses

Episode 7: Historical festivities at Standen House and Garden, West Sussex

Take a trip through time in this behind-the-scenes video of Standen House, West Sussex, where the staff and curators have been influenced by the arts and crafts movement in the decorations they’ve used for Christmas. There are Christmas trees dotted throughout the house to tell the story of the Beale family, who once lived here. Discover their stories and learn more about how they celebrated the festive season in style.

Hill Top house in the snow Cumbria

Go behind the scenes at our places 

Our behind-the-scenes video tours showcase our houses and gardens as never seen before. Take a behind-the-scenes video tour of Hill Top, the much-loved home of author Beatrix Potter, or delve into Coughton Court's connections to the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

Some of our greatest houses for armchair viewing

Latest Director's blog
A visitor looks round the newly reopened Petworth House, West Sussex

Dumbing down our cultural heritage? Quite the opposite 

John Orna-Ornstein, our Director of Culture and Engagement, has written a response to the recent stories in the press about our vision for historic buildings. In his blog he discusses what we're doing to care for these important places and collections and our future plans.

Step inside our libraries

Interior design through the ages

Detail of the books in the Library at Dudmaston, Shropshire

Listen to our literary podcast episodes 

Our literary podcasts explore how five of the historic houses in our care influenced the of work famous authors and playwrights. Listen to hear about the former homes of William Wordsworth, George Bernard Shaw, Agatha Christie and T.E. Lawrence.

Stories from our places

Conservation in action during the winter clean

Protect the buildings and collections in our care 

We're committed to protecting and preserving our nation’s great houses and other historical buildings, as well as the arts and collections in our care. Give today and together, we can ensure our shared history continues to inspire us all.

Details of three portraits

Addressing our stories of colonialism and historic slavery 

The National Trust cares for places and collections on behalf of the nation, and many have direct and indirect links to colonialism and historic slavery. We're addressing these histories and their cultural significance and have published our report into these links.