Beach Walk

A haven on the east coast of County Antrim

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The Portmuck coastline on the Islandmagee peninsula, Northern Ireland

Travel back in time 

Step back in time and relax at Islandmagee, you'll de-stress with every footstep and glimpse of tranquil villages, rolling fields and stunning coastline.

Go swimming in the sea
Boy kicking and splashing while laying in the sea
Go swimming in the sea
Man holding a crab in front of boy over pockpool

No. 39 catch a crab 

To become a champion crabber you’ll need a net, some bait and a bucket of water. See if you can catch the most commonly found variety known as the shore crab, or try and spot the more elusive spider crab. Just remember to put anything you catch back where you found it afterwards. Crabs have busy lives too, you know.

Boy standing on sea edge about to skim a stone

No. 5 Skim a stone 

How many bounces can you do? Flat, smooth stones are the best for skimming, and there are plenty to be found on our beaches. Why not challenge your family and friends to a competition?


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