How many lights does it take to illuminate Kingston Lacy?

Christmas illuminations at Kingston Lacy in Dorset

Lighting the gardens at Kingston Lacy each year is a big job. Combine that with the 8 Christmas trees around the property, that's a lot of fairy lights.

For the last 4 years the gardens at Kingston Lacy have been illuminated in the evenings by lots of delicate fairy lights and dramatic up lit trees. The historic cedars are transformed by blue, purple, yellow or green lights, whilst the fernery is draped with delicate fairy lights like a magical grotto. 

A panoramic view
Kingston Lacy Christmas

One of the best views is facing towards the house from the ancient Egyptian Obelisk. See Kingston Lacy in a whole new light (pun intended) as you walk down the obelisk path lined again with fairy lights. 

The magical illuminations transform the trees
Kingston Lacy Christmas

For the first time the saloon, Spanish room and dining room will be open for Christmas. Decked out in traditional Victorian ornaments, the centre piece of the whole experience will be the 20ft Christmas in the saloon. You can just imagine the sparkly lights reflecting off the crystal chandelier. But how many lights will be on the tree? 

We've given you some top tips on where you'll find the lights in the garden this year, but have you guessed yet how many lights it takes to illuminate the whole property at Christmas? Submit your guesses to us via social media: 
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How many lights does it take to illuminate Kingston Lacy? 

Answer: 14, 620