Dogs at Kinver Edge and the Rock Houses

A dog enjoys the views from Kinver Edge

We welcome dog walkers across the property, please just be aware of these few restrictions.

Kinver Edge countryside

The woods and heath of Kinver Edge are a great place to enjoy with your dog. There are many miles of open walking country and free access all year round. There are 3 waymarked trails you can follow, taking in the different features from Hill Fort, to woodland, Rock Houses and open heath. 

Whilst on many of our paths your dog can stretch their legs and roam freely, there are some areas of sensitive wildlife habitat where we ask you to keep Fido under closer control. Where we have birds that nest on the ground, such as the skylark which has a beautiful uplifting song but is sadly increasingly rare in the UK, we ask that people keep their pooches on the lead and on the paths. These birds need a little bit of peace to raise their families and they can be easily disturbed by lively dogs crashing around in the heather. This request only applies from 1st March - 30th September, and only covers about 100 acres of the 600 acres of Kinver Edge. The wildlife senstive areas are clearly marked, and often also contain docile Longhorn cattle. Our feathered friends, and other vulnerable wildlife like lizards and snakes, are grateful for your cooperation as you take the lead for nature.

Please help us to look after the countryside by collecting your dog's waste and taking it home, or use one of the bins at the carparks.

Rock Houses and grounds

Dogs are welcome inside the Rock House gardens and we have a bowl of water to keep your pooch hydrated. Please just keep them on a lead in the grounds and pick up any mess. We ask that they wait outside the tea-room and the restored caves, and there is a place to tie them up whilst you pop inside. There is plenty of outdoor seating for the tea room so that you can sit together with your pooch.

Chutney the dog goes caving
dog exploring sandstone caves
Chutney the dog goes caving