Learning opportunities at Kinver Edge

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Join us at the Rock Houses for a school visit with a difference. Get hands-on in these unique cave dwellings as you have a go at Victorian or Iron Age activities like lighting fires and making clay pots. Then explore the nature and history of the surrounding Kinver Edge countryside, an ancient and diverse landscape. All sessions are completely free and must be pre-booked in advance.

A range of free tours and workshop sessions are available to book.

Iron Age workshop

Make clay pots, weave traditional wooden hurdles and light fires without matches to imagine life in the Iron Age. Complete your experience with a visit to the real Iron Age Hill Fort on top of Kinver Edge, just a short walk through the woods.

Victorian Daily Life workshop

Try on costumes, handle real objects, and do the activities of daily Victorian life, from cleaning to playing games. Set in the atmospheric location of the Rock Houses, this visit can start great conversations about the differences between then and now.

Wildlife and history on the Edge guided walk

Get outdoors and learn about the wildlife of Kinver Edge with real scientific techniques. Find out why looking after this rare heathland is so important, and how humans have impacted on the habitat.

Planning your trip

  • We can accommodate 36 children per day, ages Year 2 and above. Guided walks can take anything from 1.5 to 3 hours, according to your needs and what you’d like to see and learn about, and we can do activities and games along the way if you’d like. You are then welcome to stay all day after your walk with us. Workshops take 2 hours, so for a full day including a guided walk, a workshop and a lunch break please allow around 4.5 hours.
  • Coach parking is available a short walk from the Rock Houses
  • The Rock Houses are wheelchair accessible, as are some areas of the surrounding Kinver Edge countryside
  • Enjoy your picnic lunch outdoors, there is plenty of seating outside the Rock Houses tea-room.
  • Schools can book guided walks and workshops from Monday to Friday. Please be aware that other members of the public will be sharing the space. 

How to book

If you're interested in booking a school session either at the Rock Houses or in your school please send us an email.

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