The colours of Kinver Edge

Magnificent old beech trees at Kinver Edge

With acres of wild heathland and winding woodland paths, Kinver Edge is the perfect place to experience nature during this magical season. Whether you're a lone wanderer or part of a hiking group - our russet coloured walks will inspire you and lift your spirits.

Autumn on the Heathland

A visit to Kinver Edge isn't complete without a walk up to the heathland. The rare lowland heath habitat boasts lots of species of wildlife all year round and from August the heather comes into bloom and creates a carpet of purple across the Edge. From October the heather flowers fade and are replaced with the delicate white and pale pink of seed capsules. 

If you're an early bird, morning is one of the best times to experience the Hillfort as the views from the toposcope are often shrouded in early morning mist. Look out for prominent parasole mushrooms standing tall and proud in damp areas as you reach the top, or you may spot ravens displaying over the woods.

heather september kinver

Rustling woodland walks

Take a walk through the wooded paths and see the fading yellow of the silver birch leaves, orange and brown of the sweet chestnut and the glorious red berries of the rowan. The woodland paths dip in and out of the county boundaries so there's miles to explore on foot.

The woods provide a tranquil space for you to get back to nature. Take in the sounds of the birds and squirrels rustling in the dead leaves as they ready themselves for the coming winter months. Look out for fungi on the floor and the trees, you might spot a scurfy twiglet or a blueleg brownie!