Kinwarton Dovecote

Kinwarton Dovecote, Warwickshire

A lovely and rare 14th-century circular dovecote with metre-thick walls, over 580 nesting holes and original rotating ladder, nestled in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside.

The 14th-century dating comes from the 'ogee' arch of the doorway. It is the only remaining relic of a moated grange belonging to the Abbey of Evesham, which was situated to the north-west of the Dovecote.

The squabs, or young pigeons, would have made good eating at a time of the year when fresh meat was scarce. Only the Lord of the Manor was allowed to build or own a Dovecote. The pigeons fed off the crops of the Lord and tenants alike which caused much resentment leading to court cases in this country and to revolution in France.

When you visit Kinwarton Dovecote make the most of your day by visiting nearby Coughton Court, a Tudor house set in beautiful grounds, which is roughly a ten minute drive from the dovecote.