Lavington Common

A frosty and sunny winter day over Lavington Common

A rare pocket of open heath amongst plantation woodland

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A sand lizard at Studland

Heathalnds Reunited sculpture trail

South Downs heathlands support all 12 of our native amphibians and reptiles. Lavington Common provides a home for all 3 types of lizard that rely on heaths; slow worms, common and sand lizards can all be found here. During the breeding season male sand lizards adopt a bright green coloration to attract a mate. They were once nearly extinct in Britain and are now protected by law, and are still classed as an endangered species.

Visitors dog-walking at Ickworth, Suffolk

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The South Downs are a great place to walk your dog, so there's always somewhere near to you where you can enjoy this rich countryside throughout the year.

Lavington Common

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 Panoramic view at sunset in August from Devil's Dyke, South Downs, West Sussex

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