Leith Hill Place Gillian Collins The Lark Ascending Exhibition

Larks at Leith Hill Place by Gillian Collins

Marking 60 years since the composer, Ralph Vaughan Williams died, artist, Gillian Collins is creating a stunning interactive art display to represent the musical score of Vaughan Williams' great work, "The Lark Ascending".

Surrey artist, Gillian Collins' art installation will be on display in the entrance hall at Leith Hill Place from 17 August until 9 September. The paper bird sculptures will represent the musical score for the Lark Ascending, along with an interactive violin sculpture featuring ascending larks and accompanied by a hand-cranked music box which will be mimicking bird song.

The display is designed to appeal to people from all walks of life through the use of readily recognisable objects and motifs of birds and musical instruments. The visual exhibition is designed to be light hearted and inspiring, whilst the restful background soundtrack will encourage you to relax and contemplate.