'Sound, Unseen' a new installation at Leith Hill Place 2019

Sound Unseen installation at Leith Hill Place

This autumn, PhD student, Harry Matthews, invited visitors to listen to his new soundscape at Leith Hill Place.

This autumn visitors at Leith Hill Place were invited to experience a new soundscape composed by PhD student, Harry Matthews. 'Sound, Unseen' shared the thoughts and experiences of listening to the soundscape at Leith Hill Place. The work featured locally sourced field recordings and a voiceover where Harry contemplated what might have happened to the audible environment if oil drilling had been allowed to start. Visitors were able to listen to the work with headphones on the ground floor in the Wedgwood room.

Taking inspiration from composer R Murray Schafer's theory of acoustic ecology, Harry composed a piece that sought to evoke personal experiences concerning sound. His work was designed to investigate the impact of human activity on natural habitats whilst also promoting a way of listening that broadens people's relationship to the environment.

Harry Matthews is a composer and pianist based in Bristol. He is currently studying for a PhD in Composition with James Saunders at Bath Spa University and with Matthew Shlomowitz at University of Southampton.