Sound Installation at Leith Hill Place

Atmospheric light in the soundscape at Leith Hill Place

A climb to the second floor is rewarded with a special treat – a guided audio tour about the life and music of Vaughan Williams, created for the house by former Visitor Operations Manager, Gabrielle Gale and Soundscape artist, Jay Harris. We have opened these rooms up with our imaginative installation, allowing you to view as much of the house as possible and as a different way of learning about the life of Ralph Vaughan Williams.

Turning back in time

As a child growing up here in the late nineteenth century, the young Vaughan Williams would have had his bedroom in the attics, along with his siblings and his nurse, so you can feel close to the spirit of the man and imagine what life might have been like for the young composer.
Listen as the story is brought to life in words and music, with a script based on Ursula Vaughan Williams’ biography of her husband, anecdotes from members of the Wedgwood family and contemporary letters.

Be guided by the music

You will be guided from room to room as you immerse yourself in this shared experience, which is part audio tour, part art installation. As the music swells to its conclusion in the final space you will be moved and enchanted by the strains of ‘The Lark Ascending’ and the glorious view which is even more commanding from the top floor.


Timed tickets are available daily from the front desk in small groups of 10. Tours usually take place on the hour from 12.00. Not bookable in advance. Please call the house on the day of your visit to ensure the tour is running that day. The tour is run by our volunteers and therefore if we don't have enough volunteers, we will not be able to offer the soundscape.
Voices are provided by Virginia McKenna OBE, Lindy Alexander, Brian Kay, Sir Richard Stilgoe, Patrick Newberry and Alison Jermyn who all gave their time and talents to support the house. We gratefully acknowledge their generous contribution.