The Echoing Space: retrospective

A colourful print made by an art group in 2018

In 2018 three artists in residence created new art installations in the house. Alongside creating their own work they inspired others to create their own prints, infused with the history of Leith Hill Place. This retrospective showed some of the pieces of work created in response to the artists in residence installations.

Mary Branson, Penny Green and Julie Hoyle presented a selection of work made with six disability organisations during their residency at Leith Hill Place, 2018. Responding to the ambience, history and beauty of Leith Hill Place this body of work was produced on location during a series of one-day print workshops led by the artists with Surrey Choices, Lockwood and Fernleigh, The Grange, Art Matters, Creative Response and Artventure Trust.

This exhibition is now closed.