Archive: past exhibitions at Leith Hill Place

On this page you can find details of past exhibitions which have been held at Leith Hill Place. For details of our current exhibitions, please use the link at the bottom of the page.

A wood engraving by Gwen Raverat entitled A Cobbled Yard

Exhibition of wood engravings by Gwen Raverat 2018

In autumn 2018 we exhibited a display of wood engravings by Gwen Raverat, grand daughter of famous naturalist Charles Darwin.

Vaughan Williams' well known piece, 'The Lark Ascending ' notated in paper birds

Leith Hill Place Gillian Collins The Lark Ascending Installation 2018

Visitors were delighted by our interactive art installation of a bevy of larks which hung in our entrance hall in 2018.

Pottery by 318 Ceramics

318 Ceramics at Leith Hill Place 2018

From 6 July-3 September 2018, the pottery of this local creative collective was on display at Leith Hill Place, and we ran workshops in July to contribute to a mass art piece.

Model birds made of clay in an art installation by Penny Green

The Echoing Space 2018

Three artists in residence explore the past at Leith Hill Place

After the Great Storm at Severells Copse, Leith Hill 1087

Remembering the Great Storm at Leith Hill

For the month of October, the National Trust hosted an exhibition at Leith Hill Place to mark the Great Storm of 1987 and the devastation on the surrounding landscape of Leith Hill.

Photograph of Autumnal Trees by Stuart Burch

An exhibition of photography by Stuart Burch 2017

'Among the Trees' was an inspiring photographic exhibition by local photographer, Stuart Burch.

An Oil Painting of Water Lilies by John Whittaker

Oil Paintings by John Whittaker

John Whittaker, exhibited his oil paintings on canvas at Leith Hill Place between Friday 5 May and Sunday 18 June 2017.

Wedgwood at Leith Hill Place

Wedgwood Comes Home to Leith Hill Place

Visitors were able to view the timeless beauty of Wedgwood ceramics in an exciting exhibition at Leith Hill Place in 2017.

A silk painting by Wendy Undazan on show at Leith Hill Place Spring 2017

Sensing Wonder exhibition

An exhibition of silk paintings inspired by nature by Wendy Undazan, 24 March-1 May 2017