Concerts at Leith Hill Place

Being the childhood home of one of the nation's greatest composers, Leith Hill Place is the perfect venue for an intimate concert in a stunning setting. Read on to find out what's on offer this year.

Pianist Paul Turner at Leith Hill Place

The Classical Saxophone Concert at Leith Hill Place

Enjoy an evening of classical saxophone at piano at Leith Hill Place on Saturday, 2 May.

Charlotte Hoather performs at Leith Hill Place

Leith Hill Place concert with the Royal College of Music

Join us on Saturday, 30 May to hear talented young musicians from the Royal College of Music perform a range of works at Leith Hill Place, the family home of composer Ralph Vaughan Williams. The programme includes folk songs collected or arranged by Vaughan Williams and Roger Quilter, as well as a piece by Rebecca Clarke. The evening will also feature music from Beethoven, in celebration of his 250th anniversary year.

MM4 Hands at Leith Hill Place

Spanish Impressions and Landscapes piano concert at Leith Hill Place

Join us on Saturday 12 September for a stunning concert of piano music by a young Spanish duo known as MM4 hands.