New water feature for humans and their four legged friends at Leith Hill Tower

Press release
Water fountain at the top of Leith Hill
Published : 17 Jul 2018 Last update : 25 Jul 2018

Since Friday 13th July walkers, cyclists and riders are able to enjoy fresh drinking water, alongside their dogs and horses, after climbing to the highest point in South East England.

The National Trust project, which was started several years ago, was initiated after visitor surveys identified the need for the facility.

" In 2013 a water supply was installed for the servery at the summit of the hill which gave us the opportunity to look into installing a fountain and trough. This would provide water to visitors and their animals any time of the day. Meaning dogs will no longer be reliant on water bowls filled by the rangers during patrols of the area."
- Sue Tanton, National Trust Volunteer

The project has been funded from a variety of sources including; The Surrey Hills Society, Epsom, Ewell and District Centre and donations from other local organisations and individuals. Money was also raised by the previous ranger, Ruby Cole, who with her dog Rex walked the 108 miles of the Greensand Way to raise funds. The Drinking Fountain Association identified a fountain and trough suitable for use by both people and animals and arranged for it to be restored and transported from its previous location in Roehampton.

The number of visitors to the Tower has significantly increased in recent years, partly due to the legacy of the 2012 Olympics and following the development of a specialist mountain bike trail on Leith Hill. Additionally the National Trust opened Leith Hill Place in summer 2013, enhancing the attraction to visitors in the area. Alongside the strenuous climbs for walkers and cyclists, horse riders can enjoy traffic free, sheltered rides in beautiful countryside.