Leith Hill Tower

Leith Hill Tower, Surrey

Why not venture to the top? Climb all 78 steps of the spiral stairs at Leith Hill Tower and gaze through a telescope. Can you see the Wembley Stadium Arch and the London Eye? Please note that due to the coronavirus crisis, Leith Hill Tower remains closed to visitors. Please check our opening times section for information on the tea servery at www.nationaltrust.org.uk/leith-hill-tower-and-countryside

A high point of any visit

Our tower can be seen from the surrounding countryside; the top of the tower marks the highest point in South East England at 1029ft (313m).
From the top you can see sweeping views and on a clear day you can see the English Channel to the south and the clock face of Big Ben in Westminster to the north.
Use one of the telescopes and try to see a boat on the English Channel from the top of the tower.  Email us with your photos of the view.

Who built the tower?

The tower was built in 1765 by Richard Hull of Leith Hill Place as 'a place for people to enjoy the glory of the English countryside'.
You can see many hollows on the nearby slopes and it's thought that the materials needed to build the tower were quarried on site.

A brief history

  • 1765 – built by Mr Richard Hull of Leith Hill Place
  • 1800 – sealed up with rubble and cement
  • 1864 – Mr W J Evelyn adds stairwell to gain access to roof
  • 1923 – given to National Trust by Mr W J MacAndrew
  • 1984 – rubble and cement dug out to reinstate rooms and create a servery at the base

Information room

We have opened an information room half way up the tower - come along to learn about the tower's chequered history as well as the many people who've visited and looked after it.

Stop at the servery

End your visit with a stop at the servery, run by Tanhouse Farm Shop. Choose from hot or cold food, or just sip a hot drink whilst you perch on a bench and admire the views. Open daily.