Picnic on Leith Hill

Picnicing at Leith Hill, Surrey

Picnicking around Leith Hill Tower has been a popular pursuit since the 19th century. Victorian day-trippers eating al fresco on the gentle slopes of the Hill was a very common sight.

Victorian picnics

Victorians would travel to the Leith Hill Hotel by horse and carriage from Dorking station with very large picnics, some requiring their own separate carriage.
Leith Hill was an ideal location with its beautiful scenery, lush grass, cool breezes and glorious sunshine with sufficient shade.
The summit would have looked very different from today; there were only a few trees on the steep southern slopes and more open views of the surrounding countryside.

Lunch on the Hill

Bring your picnic hampers and rugs, and picnic around the tower like the Victorians or just find your favourite spot to have your lunch while exploring Leith Hill.
There are many benches around Leith Hill Tower and along the footpaths, some slightly off the beaten track near small ponds and stunning views. 
Children will enjoy a picnic perched on Sue's seat, the new snake-like bench, near the tower. Or why not use the picnic tables in the Rhododendron Wood?
If you don’t have time to pack your own food, you can buy light snacks at the tower's servery, including delicious homemade cakes.
Don't forget to check the servery’s opening times before heading off for lunch in the great outdoors.