The Castle at Lindisfarne

Lindisfarne Castle shown beyond the remains of two jetties

We have many interesting tales to tell, help us ensure the future of our 'dainty little fort' by discovering its past.

'A dainty little fort'

The Castle is of course the main focus of this place. The garden, lime kilns and headland are all well and good but let's be honest, it is the building on the crag standing 100 feet above the sea that has always been the biggest draw to this corner of Holy Island.

Dressed to impress

Recently we have been tinkering with the experience in the Castle by adding period items to the rooms. We hope this will give an even more authentic and lived-in feel to the Castle. To help us, we asked Imogen Cloet from the November Club to source the objects from auction houses and charity shops, as well as make several - such as letters and drawings - herself. She also used four characters from the Castle's past to personalise our four bedrooms, making it feel like the residents have just popped out and will be back soon!
A Berwick Advertiser article on the project

Visting Lindisfarne

  • Remember to check our opening times
  • On open days we are open for five or six hours
  • If we are closed try the garden or lime kilns instead
  • There is a steep climb up to the Castle, with cobbles underfoot
  • Once inside there are steps, narrow passages and low doorways
  • The views from the Upper Battery are well worth the climb
  • Snacks and drinks are available from the Admissions building
  • Try to visit when the Castle is quiet for the best experience
  • We only have two toilets available

Collections online

Our collections database is now available online; follow the link below to find out more about what you can see inside. We update this database regularly, so look out for more photographs in the future.
Explore Lindisfarne's collection online here

The wind indicator

The fact that our wind indicator is actually moved in real time by the wind means that not all of our visitors get to see it working. This is a little odd admittedly given the Castle's location but believe it or not it is not always windy on Holy Island. It was commissioned nearly a century ago and was installed in 1913 and apart from some conservation work in 2006, it has been up there turning all that time

The Wind Indicator

At first it seems as though there's no sound on this video but turn the volume up and you'll hear the mechanism squeaking a little bit.