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Contemporary art at Lindisfarne Castle with Liz Gre

Artist Liz Gre with Lindisfarne Castle in the background.
Artist Liz Gre at Lindisfarne Castle, Northumberland. | © Jonny Walton/Kaptur

For 2024 / 25 we are excited to be working with contemporary artist and composer, Liz Gre, who presents "Embodied Cacophonies" - a light, sound and sculptural installation that explores the elemental nature of Holy Island and the cacophonies that surround us. The work has been supported by Arts & Heritage and University of Southampton.

Embodied Cacophonies

Liz Gre presents an installation inspired by the voices of Holy Island, placed in-situ as an interactive sound and light sculpture in the Upper Gallery at Lindisfarne Castle.

The sculpture draws inspiration from weathered raw materials and the elemental nature of Holy Island – such as water, wind, limestone & the stars. Visitors are invited to engage with the piece physically, exploring cacophony, non-linear time, embodiment of place, co-existing memory and imagination.

"Upon visiting Lindisfarne, I was immediately overwhelmed by the multitude of voices echoing in the place. The loud-quiet voice of the expansive sky at play with the tide and the North Sea; the still enwrapping voice of the wind as it curled around blades of grass and stone and caressed, kissed, coldly slapped my skin; the legacied voices of Holy Islanders humming like bees as we passed through the causeway; the bellowing murmurs of domestic memory superimposed upon spiritual memory held within the realised imagination of place created"

Liz Gre.


The installation uses the Upper Gallery inside the building to tell a series of stories, enabling visitors to experience the castle through the eyes of those who’ve occupied it throughout its existence – past, present and future.

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Embodied Cacophonies by Liz Gre

A short introduction to " Embodied Cacophonies" by artist and composer Liz Gre, coming to Lindisfarne Castle in 2024.

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