5 great places to spot birds

The South West is a mecca for birds and birdwatchers alike - here are some of the best places to spot the following birds.

A Chough chick with its parent near Lizard Point

Choughs at Lizard Point, Cornwall

The wildlife watchpoint is run by National Trust volunteers, who will show you how to spot the huge variety of species at Lizard Point, including the rare chough.

A nesting night jar at Foxbury, Hampshire

Peregrine falcon and nightjar at Plymbridge Woods

Peregrine falcons and even the elusive nightjar can be found at Devon's Plymbridge Woods.

An illustration of a male cirl bunting

Cirl bunting on the English Riviera 

This endangered species is slowly starting to recover in the South West - look for it on the farmland at Brownstone, Coleton Barton and Woodhuish in south Devon.

Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine falcons at Brean Down

Brean Down is a sanctuary for breeding peregrine falcons as well as being home to many other bird species - explore its steep slopes and sweeping pastures, and don't forget your binoculars.

Red kite in flight

Tree sparrow, red kite and golden plover at Stourhead 

Keep an eye out for red kites gliding overhead, golden plover flocking on the open farmland, and tree sparrows which have been encouraged to nest with the introduction of pole boxes to the Wiltshire estate.