50 things activities in the woods

Catching falling leaves, hiding inside the belly of a tree, leaving a trail of sticks and watching out for furry critters, the woods are a world of new adventures. See what you can get up to if you head down to the woods today.

Three children in a tree

No.1 climb a tree 

There's no better spot to see what lives in a wood than from the top of a tree, so get your sturdy shoes on and start climbing!

Children den building

No.4 build a den

Collect some snapping branches and crunchy leaves and start building your hideaway in the heart of nature. Who knows which inquisitive animals may pop by for a visit!

Children with sticks play in puddles at Charlecote Park

No.12 make a trail with sticks

Pick up sticks or fallen leaves and lay a trail for your family to follow. Please don’t pick sticks from living plants or trees though.

Girl walking through the mud in her wellies

No.13 make a mud pie

Put on your wellies and find a muddy spot. Stones, leaves and twigs are great for decorating, but remember, a mud pie never tastes as good as it looks.

A mud art butterfly at Lanlay, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

No.18 create some wild art

Woods have pretty much everything you could need to create your very own piece of wild art. You could use leaves, sticks, acorns, mud, grasses, conkers, feathers or anything else you find to make some art.

Two young boys looking up, stood inside a tree

No.22 explore inside a tree

Trees with huge trunks sometime have huge holes, making them great for exploring. We even have hollow trees at a few of our places, perfect for adventurers. Watch out for insects and wildlife though - lots of things like to live in the holes of trees, so you might end up sharing.

People walking towards camera with bare feet

No.24 go on a walk barefoot

Barefoot walking gives your feet all sorts of sensations as you feel the different types of ground, from sand to earth and grass or moss. Close your eyes and see if you can work out what you're standing on - but don't keep them closed while you're walking!

Children on a bug-hunt at Sheffield Park, East Sussex

No.31 hunt for bugs

Your garden is a great place to look for all sorts of bugs - try searching under rocks and stones, in the soil or the grass. Does your critter have fur, wings or many legs?

Children running through woods kicking up leaves

No.33 catch a falling leaf

It sounds like one of the easier challenges, but catching a falling leaf can be tricky - all you need is a little gust of wind and off your leaf goes, spiralling away from your hand. If you can do it though you'll have ticked off another of the activities on the list!

Pallets and pipes stacked up to create bug hotel

No.36 make a home for a wild animal

All sorts of animals need homes, so why not try making a bug hotel, a house for a hedgehog, or even a motel for a mouse. Think about the creature you're making a home for - does it need to be warm, light, dry, dark, cold, or wet?