Bluebell woods near you

Spotting a carpet of bluebells in a woodland is a highlight of any springtime walk in the countryside. Find out here where you can see bluebells in woods near you this year.

Dog walking through bluebells

Top spots for bluebells in the East of England 

The East of England has its fair share of bluebells during the spring months. Blickling Estate in Norfolk is in fact one of the top spots in the country to see carpets of the blue flowers.

Bluebells at Blakes Wood, Essex, in spring

Bluebells in London and the South East 

You don’t have to travel far to find bluebells in spring. From Emmetts Garden in Kent where the hillside is swathed in blue, to the ancient woodlands of Hinton Ampner, these are some of our top spots for bluebells in London and the South East.

Springtime at Margery Wood, Surrey

Bluebells in the Midlands 

After the winter, bluebells are one of the key splashes of colour that help bring our estates and parkland back to life. Here's a few of the best places to see them.

The gardens in the spring at Rufford Old Hall, Lancashire

Bluebells in the North East 

From secluded valleys to ancient woodlands and even sand dunes, there are a host of places to see bluebells in the North East. If you’re lucky you might also spot wildlife like roe deer and woodpeckers. Take a look at our list to find out where you can see the flowers near you.

Bluebells carpet the woodland to the West of the house at Speke Hall, Merseyside

Bluebells in the North West 

Late April and early May are the best times to see bluebells, and they make a scenic backdrop to a spring time walk. You’ll be spoilt for choice in the North West as many of our places boast spectacular displays of the flowers, along with other signs of spring such as buzzing bees and wildflowers.

Bluebells in the woods

Bluebells in Northern Ireland 

In spring time the bluebells are the stars of the show at our places in Northern Ireland. The beautiful landscapes are set off by carpets of blue, making them the perfect places to take a relaxing spring time walk with family and friends. Read our list to find a bluebell bounty near you.

English bluebell, Hyacinthus non-scriptus, in the garden in May at Killerton, Devon

Bluebells in the South West 

From Godolpin in Cornwall to Leigh Woods near Bristol, our places in the South West are brimming with bluebells during the spring months. Take a look at our list to see where bluebells are blooming near you.

Bluebells in the woods

Bask in bluebells 

Spot them around medieval castles, wild woodlands and glorious gardens - it's bluebell season and here are some of the great places around Wales where you can discover them.

Bluebells carpet the woodland to the West of the house at Speke Hall, Merseyside


Take a walk through the woodlands we look after at Hardcastle Crags and Roseberry Topping to enjoy the lovely splash of blue on the ground.