Bluebells in the North East

A walk through some of the woodlands we look after in the North East this spring will offer you the lovely sight of a carpet of blue. Look out for this sign of spring at Allen Banks and Embleton.

Bluebells in Sams Garden

Allen Banks, Northumberland

The largest area of ancient woodland in Northumberland, Allen Banks is covered in an abundance of wild flowers each spring. A carpet of bluebells and ramsons, commonly known as wild garlic, covers the woodland floor in spring and early summer and make a beautiful setting for a spring time wander.

Bluebells at the Skirrid, Monmouthshire

Embleton Beach, Northumberland

The silver sands of Embleton Beach are backed by wildlife-rich dunes that are a haven for wild flowers. Cowslips, burnet roses and bloody cranesbill all thrive well in the coastal habitat, but in spring the bluebells are the stars of the show.