Cobalt blue highlights

Cobalt blue splashes of colour can be found throughout the National Trust collection.

Cobalt blue inkwell tray from Tyntesfield

Inkwell tray at Tyntesfield 

China inkwell tray with rounded ends and gilded rim. Cobalt blue background with gold scalloped pattern around rim. Decorated with Chinese landscape with pagodas, trees, bridge over water, islands and a boat all in gold. Two square indentations in the top for a pair of inkwells.

Cobalt and gold jug from Cotehele

Jug from Cotehele 

Cobalt blue jug with gold lustre decoration to the handle, base and rim. A gold lustre flower and leaves on the front. Large sparrow beak lip. Inscribed 'Foreign'.

Cobalt patterned dish from Montacute House

Dish from Montacue House 

Dish or hand-washing basin for a ewer. Painted in ‘calligrafico naturalistico’ shades of cobalt blue, yellow ochre and copper green. The central panel depicts a putto holding a horn of plenty/ cornucopia, and a dog or wolf, surrounded by birds and animals within flowering foliage, the border with a repeated foliate scroll device forming narrow panels, the reverse marked with three stars and three crown devices the mark of the Manifattura Melchiorre Conrado, Albisola, near Genoa, in the province of Savona, Italy 1650-1700.

Cobalt blue vase at Snowshill Manor

Vase at Snowshill Manor 

Cloisonne Japanese vase with cobalt blue enamel, gold painted decoration to the body with two elephant head lugs. Blue painted interior. 'Mazerine blue' (M. Jessup).

Delftware flower pyramid at Dyrham

Delftware at Dyrham 

One of a pair of De Grieksche A (Greek A) factory faience seven-tiered flower pyramids, painted in cobalt blue with garden scenes, made at the workshop of Adrianus Kocx, Delft, the Netherlands, c.1690-95.

Cobalt blue tea plate from Tyntesfield

Tea set from Tyntesfield 

There are cups, saucers, tea plates, a bowl and a jug in this set of cobalt blue ceramics.