Collection highlights in the South West

We look after one of the world's largest and most significant holdings of fine art and heritage objects – a treasure chest of history. Here's a selection of some of these objects from the South West.

Harvest jug

Treasured Fremington pottery

We are lucky enough to have an original engraved Harvest Jug made by Fremington pottery for Miss Parminter in 1829. Many of these Harvest Jugs are still in the possession of the families who commissioned them so many years ago.

Drinking glasses ready to be cleaned

Cleaning the Turnbull collection

Find out how the conservation team have been cleaning the Turnbull collection of 18th-century drinking glasses as part of the winter clean.

Conservation Assistant at Lacock Abbey carefully cleans a historic candlestick with a conservation brush.

Precious objects in our collection at Lacock Abbey

Explore Lacock's collections and discover a treasure chest of history, science, photography, art and more.

Rebecca's chair, Finch Foundry, Devon

Rebecca's chair

Rebecca Finch owned and ran Finch Foundry from 1885 to 1891. Although this was a short period of time, Rebecca made big changes to the business.

The leather hangings

The Leather Hangings

Of international significance and the only collection of their type in the United Kingdom, these painted leather hangings are arguably the rarest and most important pieces in Dunster’s collection.