Conservation in action near you

Your membership, visits, purchases in our shops and cafe's, donations and volunteered time, helps us look after these special places near you - for ever, for everyone. As a charity, we simply couldn't do it without you. Here's a selection of the vital conservation work you are helping us to undertake through your continued support. Thank you.

Scientific Instrument on a window sill at Woolsthorpe Manor

Winter cleaning and conservation at Woolsthorpe

Our winter closure means we can give the Manor a deep clean and some tender loving conservation repairs.

Brown long-eared bat at night

Belton’s Bats 

Pipistrelle and long-eared brown bats have been regular visitors to Belton's stables, roosting in considerable numbers in the roof space.

Re-flaunching of the kitchen ruins

Re-flaunching of the kitchen ruins at Tattershall Castle 

After noticing some damage over the winter, work is being done on restoring the 'flaunching' which protects the brick on the ruins in the moat at Tattershall.

A historic photograph from Belton's collection of the deep herbaceous borders running through the centre of the Italian Garden

Belton’s Italian Garden Restoration 

Over time many of the important features of Belton's Italian Garden have been lost, and we’re now working to restore these important garden elements.

A carving from 1642 when Tattershall was a Royalist Guarrison during the English Civil War

The secrets and mysteries of historical graffiti in Lincolnshire 

Discover the stories and mysteries of the historical graffiti marks, seen at some of our Lincolnshire places.