Fireplaces in the Midlands

Ideal for keeping out the winter chill, a warming fire is a central feature of many of the places in our care. Grandiose Elizabethan fireplaces give way to modest modern electric versions at the houses we look after.

Croome Tapestry Room Fireplace The Met

The fireplaces of Croome 

Find out more about some of the 30 surviving fireplaces in the house.

The Dining Room Fireplace

Explore the fireplaces at Mr Straw's House 

Emulating the artistocracy for the emerging middle class, also meant the correct fireplace for the space. The Straw family never changed their fireplaces at Endcliffe Villa and we continue to care for them today.

The wood-burning stove warms the dining room at Stoneywell, in Leicestershire

Niche fireplaces at Stoneywell 

From an inglenook fire restored using fire-blocks found in the garden to a copper once used for washing clothes, Stoneywell's quirky fireplaces offer a warm welcome this autumn.

The overmantle of Bess' fireplace at Hardwick

Bess' fireplace at Hardwick Hall 

The fireplace in Bess' bedroom flourishes with ornate and mythical creatures and decoration.

The fishing pavilion by the lake at Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire

The Fishing Pavilion at Kedleston Hall 

Unusually set within the landscape, this fireplace has warmed the toes of those using the pavilion as a boathouse, a plunge bath and a tea house.

Fireplace at Sudbury hall with two blue chairs

The Porch Room fireplace at Sudbury Hall 

Not every fireplace has to be grand, seemingly simple in its white decor, the Porch Room fireplace is still not one to be missed.