Gardens to visit in the North West

Step into blooming gardens at special places in the North West. Take in seasonal spectacles as rhododendrons put on a colourful show or wander through rose gardens and breathe in the bouquet of fragrances. Share with a friend or bring along a good book for a peaceful afternoon on your own.

The restored glasshouse with summer flowers

A greenhouse to rival all others at Quarry Bank

Take in the sparkling restored glasshouse surrounded by blooming boarders and fruitful veg patches. Stroll alongside the meandering river in the lower garden and spot some of our rare rhododendrons in a variety of colours.

A couple enjoy the sunshine in the garden at Dunham Massey

A much-loved garden in bloom at Dunham Massey

The gardens at Dunham Massey were once exclusively kept for the Earls and their families, but the winding paths and floral boarders are now enjoyed by our visitors. Hanging wisteria in May, a blooming rose garden in July and gigantic lilies in August are just some of the seasonal highlights to look out for. Music, theatre and outdoor cinema can also be enjoyed on summer evenings at this special place.

Woman sits reading in the garden at speke

Spring in full swing at Speke Hall

A winding wood of wildflowers, a new Secret Garden coming into bloom and a moat garden with unusual plants to discover. The grounds and gardens of Speke Hall are filled with picture-perfect plants and wildlife. Return in summer for a riot of colour in rose garden, each with their unique names.

Rhododendrons in bloom on the lake at Lyme, Cheshire

Lose yourself in the gardens at Lyme

Wide-stretching moorland and deer-inhabited parkland greets you as you arrive at Lyme. Step through the house though, and you'll enter another world entirely. The 17-acre garden was carefully etched out of the surrounding woods and moorland by its Georgian residents, providing a great contrast to other parts of Lyme. The reflection lake makes an idyllic setting for a stroll and is famous for that well-known Colin Firth scene in the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.

The walled garden at Hare Hill in bloom

A woodland garden with a secret at Hare Hill

As you leave the hustle and bustle of daily life behind at Hare Hill you'll discover a tranquil haven at the very heart of its woodland garden. Open the gate into a secluded walled garden with colourfully planted boarders displaying unusual varieties of iris, poppy, echinacea, lupin and phlox. Take some shade under the pergola or bring a book and blanket to unwind on the lawn.

View of Rufford Old Hall

Round the garden at Rufford Old Hall

The colourful climbers and boarders at Rufford are nurtured and pruned by a small garden team at Rufford who make a big, blooming difference. Displays of rhododendrons and azaleas are just some of the spectacles not to be missed. Keep an eye out for the topiary which includes two larger-than-life squirrels.

Visitor talking to a costumed Tudor lady in the Knot garden

Small but beautifully formed at Little Moreton Hall

There's something in the air this year at Little Moreton Hall as we delve into why the Tudors thought smell kept you well. The garden is the perfect place to put this to the test. Relax in the orchard with a cup of tea or wander round the moat path and Knot Garden to see (and smell) what's in bloom.

Tulips at Sizergh Castle

Gardens to visit in the Lake District 

The Lakes may be better known for dramatic landscapes than intimate country gardens, but there are some real gems waiting to be explored.