Interior design through the ages

Discover more about the history of British interior design. Our houses, some of which date back to the 11th century, are the perfect places to explore characteristic styles. We carefully preserve the features and collections at our places so that you when you visit, you'll experience the house and its décor just as it was intended to be

The Winter Parlour at Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire

Tudor interior design - Building & houses 

The Tudor period was an age of prosperity, often resulting in lavishly built and decorated houses. We look after some beautiful examples, including Montacute House, Somerset, and Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire.

Peckover House and Garden

Georgian interior design 

You can see the elegant styles that were in fashion during the Georgian period at places including Croft Castle in Herefordshire and Basildon Park, Berkshire. Here's our short guide.

The Zodiac roundels on the Boudoir’s ceiling at Knightshayes Court, Devon

Victorian interior design - Buildings & houses 

Visit our places like Penrhyn Castle, Wales and Tyntesfield, Somerset, to see examples of Victorian interior design. Here's a short guide to the eclectic styles of the era.

The Library at Coleton Fishacre

1920s house style and design in the UK 

Coleton Fishacre, Devon, and The Homewood, Surrey, both boast striking Modernist décor. Learn more about this 20th-century design movement and where to see it.

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