Must visit places for fossil hunters

Fossils can be found anywhere. They could be buried deep in the ground beneath where you’re standing at this very moment. There are a few spots that we care for that are famed for their fossils. If you’re interested in fossils, or your kids are working their way through No.26 of the 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾, you can’t do better than start at these places.

A view of the coastline from the summit of Golden Cap, Dorset, at dawn

Fossil hunting in the South West 

Golden Cap area is a great place to start if you're interested in hunting for fossils: you can pick them up off the ground and tick off No.26 on your 50 things challenge, and the views are pretty special too.

Girl playing on the beach at Birling Gap, East Sussex

Fossil hunting in London and the South East 

Visit Birling Gap in Sussex or Compton Bay on the Isle of Wight and you might find a millions-of-years-old fossil among the rocks. It's a brilliant spot for budding fossil hunters and you could complete lots more of the 50 things activities as well.

View along the shingly beach looking out over Robin Hood's Bay at dawn, North Yorkshire

Fossil hunting on the Yorkshire Coast 

There are fossils in the ancient rocks of the Yorkshire coast, just waiting to be found by keen-eyed fossil hunters. What will you discover?

Algae at the high tide line on rocks on the shore at Traethllyfyn Ynys Barri, St Davids, Dyffed, Wales

Fossil hunting in Wales 

Hunt out the mysterious graptolites at ​Abereiddi, and look back almost 500 million years. Who will be the champion fossil hunter in your group?

A view of the Blakeney Point landscape at sunset

Fossil hunting in the East of England 

Fossils are often washed up on the shore at Blakeney Point, so head down there and see what you can pick up. It's also a great spot for exploring.

Jacob sheep grazing in the grounds at Arlington Court, Devon

Indoor places to hunt for fossils 

Did you know you can hunt for fossils indoors? Many of our places have collections of them, and if you keep your eyes open you never know what you might see.