Spring gardens in Buckinghamshire

Leaves are unfurling and buds are bursting into colour in our Buckinghamshire gardens. There's the dramatic parterre at Hughenden, part of the designs put together by Mary Ann Disraeli, the sweeping landscapes of Stowe with pockets of crocus and daffodils and the bright colours of Waddesdon to enjoy.

Purple crocus in the winter sunlight


As spring develops at Stowe, walk to find pockets of daffodils covering the hills, Wood and Blue anemones on the rocky banks, Turks head tulips, Crocuses, Snake's head and imperial fritillaries and Aconites to name a few, sitting in the backdrop of Grecian style temples.

The parterre and south front of the house at Hughenden, Buckinghamshire


In spring, the parterre at Hughenden is planted in red, yellow, black and white beds to represent Benjamin Disraeli’s coat of arms. The red beds are heuchera, pansy and tulip, the yellows are primroses, winter aconite and winter imperial bulbs. The black beds are full of dramatic orphiopogon, ajuga and lothomyrtus. Delicate snowdrops, pansies and hellebores make up the white.

Daffodils and scillas in the grounds of Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire

Waddesdon Manor 

Washes of colour fill the garden at this time of year, with the parterre predominantly blue, yellow and orange. In late May our gardeners begin the summer bedding changeover so expect stunning displays of petunia, begonia and marigolds in our bedding.

Daffodils alongside the Parterre at the National Trust's Cliveden in Buckinghamshire.


Every corner of the estate will be brimming with life this spring. The camellias bloom in early spring in the water garden, followed by flowering cherries and magnolias. There's a dramatic display in the Long Garden, where you'll find a fresh display of 11,000 citrus coloured polyanthus in the four central beds. On the parterre, there are 22,000 bedding plants flanked on the banks by daffodils and a carpet of blue Scilla siberica on the western side.