Summer gardens in Surrey

With the long, refreshing days of summer to look forward to, it’s time to make the most of nature – and what better way to celebrate nature’s delights than with a visit to a garden in Surrey. The formal borders at Polesden, landscaped vistas at Claremont and parterre at Hatchlands are all yours to explore.

A pergola covered in pink roses overhangs a stone walk-way

The best of our garden in summer at Polesden Lacey

Discover the best of what's in bloom in the garden at Polesden Lacey this summer. From roses to red hot pokers, we're bursting with colour and fragrance.

View across the lake towards the turf amphitheatre at Claremont Landscape Garden in Surrey

Claremont Landscape Garden, Surrey

With its picturesque views and leafy lime walk, Claremont Landscape Garden is a breath of fresh air in summer. Enjoy the sparkling light on the lake and a special season of programming about Princess Charlotte, who lived here during the Regency era.

An engraving of the newly wed Charlotte and Leopold holding hands

Wedding banquet

Celebrate the anniversary of Charlotte and Leopold's marriage with a Regency-style wedding banquet and guided walk, an event in partnership with Claremont Fan Court School.

Winkworth Arboretum, Surrey

Summer walks at Winkworth Arboretum

Take a walk through the woods of Winkworth as nature comes back to life in an explosion of colour.