Where it all began for Capability Brown

Brown started his career at Stowe as under-gardener and rose through the ranks to head gardener, where he remained for ten years.

At Stowe, he sculpted the Grecian Valley and at Ashridge he carved out the Golden Valley, scalloping the edges of the woods so they progress pleasingly into the distance. The terraced garden at nearby Canons Ashby is a good example of the formality that Brown was keen to do away with.

You could try visiting them in turn to see the before and after. Both Stowe and Ashridge have exhibitions where you can find out more about England's greatest landscaper.

The Temple of Concord and Victory stands tall. A huge golden Grecian style temple with large coloums, collonades and portico with craved murals and statues sit on the top.

'Capability' found at Stowe

Rising through the ranks, Lancelot 'Capability' Brown learnt his trade experimenting at Stowe, making his mark on the landscape before moving on to transform the the English countryside and many aristocratic estates.

'Capability' Brown's Golden Valley

'Capability' Brown exhibition at Ashridge

Seek out 'Capability' Brown's stunning Golden Valley at Ashridge

The terraced gardens at Canons Ashby

When Capability didn't come to Canons Ashby

Discover the story of how our gardens were never 'Browned', but remained beautiful.


Stowe, where it all began...

Everything you ever needed to know about the "greatest landscape gardener of all time" as seen by artist and animator Tim Britton. Find out more about Lancelot 'Capability' Brown and discover great places to see his landscapes.