Women and Power: Redressing the balance in the Midlands

The role of women and their relationship with power is not only the story of suffrage. Throughout 2018 we'll also be giving voice to the women of both grand and humble backgrounds who have inhabited the places we look after.

College tutors in front of the Mansion at Attingham c.1950

Attingham Park: Women of the College 

Discover the roles and opportunities the Shropshire Adult Education College afforded women between 1948 and 1976, in the Mansion at Attingham this year.

Visitors walking to the house at Calke Abbey in Derbyshire

Women of Calke Abbey  

Ever wondered what it was like to work below stairs at Calke Abbey? Or what life was like for a lady of the estate? Find out when you visit the house this year.

Servants from Hardwick Hall sit out the front

Women and power at Hardwick 

What did power mean for the different generations of Hardwick's women?

Self portrait by Rebecca Ferrers

The women of Baddesley Clinton 

Discover the stories of four of the women who lived at Baddesley.

Mrs Kate Mason

Coughton Women and Power 

The First World War bought many changes to the lives of women and this year at Coughton we'll be sharing some of their stories.

Upton's women - Kitty Lloyd Jones, Lady Bearsted and Nellie Ionides

Uncovering Women’s Stories at Upton House 

The histories of Upton’s women testify to the new social and cultural opportunities opening up after 1918 – interior decoration, fashion, gardening, sport, art and society entertaining – that offered women new creative ways of expressing themselves in the modern world.

Portrait of The Hon. Nancy Beatrice Borwick, Lady Croft (1884-1949) by Philip Alexius de László de Lombos

Women of Croft Castle: Fashion, power and status 

As we celebrate 100 years since the Representation of the People Act, discover the intriguing stories behind five powerful women, drawn together across time by a link to Croft's history.

Lady Georgina Vernon of Hanbury Hall

Hanbury Hall: a Woman's Place? 

Delve into the story of Hanbury Hall through the intriguing women who made it their home.

Berrington's landing, showing the scagiola pillars and the classic statues

Women and Power at Berrington 

To commemorate 100 years of women gaining the first vote we’re revealing the hidden stories of women during the eighteenth century and through the ages at Berrington.

Elsie Moore

Greyfriars': A woman's vision 

Explore the story of Elsie Moore, a woman with a vision to preserve and share Worcestershire's rich history.

Florence - Women and Power

Florence: Women and a changing society at Mr Straws House 

Over the years the role women played in society has changed, and one woman saw many of these changes herself.

The North Front at Belton House, a restoration country house built 1685-88

Creating a Legacy at Belton House 

In 2018 explore the stories of Belton's creative women